“Thank you to everyone at
The Norwegian Dry Eye Clinic.
My everyday life has improved.”

… Nina Karin 

         The Norwegian Dry Eye Clinic

Nina Karin and the Norwegian Dry Eye Clinic

I suffered from dry eyes and grittiness for a long time. I had blurred vision, and my eyes got really tired from watching TV, working on the computer or reading. In January 2013, I consulted The Norwegian Dry Eye Clinic in Oslo, hoping to get better. After an extensive examination, ophthalmologist Raeder, MD, PhD, concluded that I had aqueous deficient dry eye and evaporative dry eye. He took his time to explain the underlying causes of dry eye disease and customized a treatment plan for my eyes. After I started with eyelid treatment, artificial tears and cyclosporine, I have gradually gotten rid of the dryness and soreness, and my vision has become clearer. I am very grateful for the treatment and follow-up at the Norwegian Dry Eye Clinic. My everyday life has improved.

Nina Karin




I have experienced the treatment at The Norwegian Dry Eye Clinic as highly professional and specialized.I feel I am well taken care of due to their research-based knowledge in the field of dry eye and the highly competent



After long-term dry eye distress I had great expectations when I visited The Norwegian Dry Eye Clinic. The meeting with the clinic was a turning point. The staff gave me the insight and knowledge about the cause of the symptoms.



For fifteen years I struggled with red and watery eyes which limited my quality of life extensively. After the treatment at The Norwegian Dry Eye Clinic, the improvement is amazing.



For several years I was suffering from red and painful eyes. I consulted ophthalmologists in Norway and abroad, without results. When I came to The Norwegian Dry Eye Clinic I got true help for the first time.



For several years I was greatly afflicted with dry eye, especially in job-related offshore platform where there is heavy use of data in an extremely dry indoor environment. After eye specialists in Tromso referred me on to Tørrøyeklinikken have professional treatment, advice and good follow-up given me much better quality of life. I’m incredibly grateful.



I was long plagued by dry eyes and had sense of sandpaper on the eyes. I also noticed that I looked blurry and I quickly became tired eyes by television watching, computer work and reading. In January 2013 I contacted the fledgling Dry Eyes Clinic in Oslo hoping to get better.


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